Valid Tax Clearance Certificate

Valid Tax Clearance Certificate






TRANSLIT has a Valid Tax Clearance Certificate authorised by Revenue.

A Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC) is a written confirmation from Revenue that a person’s tax affairs are in order at the date of issue of the certificate.
Transparency and clarity are two of the key words that we like to use at TRANSLIT. To have a valid tax certificate means very much to us as we can show all our customers our current situation regarding tax payment.

TRANSLIT believes in transparency because this also means trust. We offer the same trust that our customers give us. TRANSLIT will always be glad to contribute to legality in all possible ways it can, e.g. by following all tax rules. Assessment and collection of taxes and duties is the aim of a Valid Tax Clearance Certificate. Revenue’s mandate derives from obligations imposed by statute and by Government and as a consequence of Ireland’s membership of the European Union.

For this reason, TRANSLIT renews its Valid Tax Clearance Certificate every year, storing the old ones in our offices where they are always available and consultable for any requests that our customers might have. A transparent tax record for TRANSLIT is motive of pride and respect for all of those paying taxes and duties.

For TRANSLIT, Transparency and clarity means actions and not simply words.

As Revenue reports on its website, the purpose of the Tax Clearance Scheme is to make sure that person who arise an economic advantage from a licence/permit to conduct activities in the State, and/or receipt of contracts/grants, subsidies and other payments from the State are in compliance with their tax obligations.

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