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TRANSLIT – Complete Language Solutions is providing invaluable training and education in the realm of interpreting and translation. Take part in some of our free or paid webinars to gain practical knowledge and improve your professional skills. 


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Advance your career with this three-part training programme in Community Interpreting (Level 1)
Improve your consecutive interpreting skills, boost your memory and reduce stress with these effective note-taking techniques
Learn about specific challenges posed by remote interpreting and find out how to deal with these challenges efficiently
Learn how clients perceive the quality and value of your interpreting services, and how to leverage their perception for a win/win outcome
The insider information on the steps you can take to make yourself irresistible to agencies and clients and to receive more job offers
Learn to restore your emotional balance and deal with stress and anxiety caused by traumatic interpreting assignments
If you are thinking about a career in interpreting, find out what skills you need to become a sucessful interpreter
Learn how to tackle any assignment, complete it with flying colours, and wow your clients and agencies with your efficiency.
Learn to use memory trigger techniques to improve your interpreting skills and make your assignments less stressful and more enjoyable