Traduction certifiee

certified translation

Certified translation

is a translation made by a qualified translator recognized by a competent authority. Providing certified copy is the main task of TRANSLIT. Every day, we solicit our team of professional translators to provide high quality translations from and to over sixty languages.

A certified translation is a translation made by a professional translator declared able by a competent authority from the country of the target language. The translator can be either a native speaker of one of the languages he works on (generally the target-language) or perfectly fluent in every language he is asked for.

Please, note that an accredited translator from one language to another is not obviously accredited from the second to the first one. For example, a translator accredited for English to Spanish might not be accredited for Spanish to English.

Most of the time a document certifying his/her ability in the source and target languages and the exactness of the translation is delivered or at least a stamp is inked on the translation itself. Then, the signature has to be certified by a competent person, generally a Notary Public.


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