Voice-Over Services

voice-over services

Professional voice over services made easy. Crafted by expert humans, powered by technology. Translit offers Voice Over Services in Dublin, Ireland.

voice-over services

Key Service Features


Process of listening to the audio
file and writing what has been
said down in the source language,
then translating the text into
the target language.


When actor voices are recorded
over the original audio track which
can be heard in the background.
Commonly used in documentary
clips, e-learning or news-related audiovisual segments.


Combines tonality, dialect, words, emotions, nuances, and accents to convey a richer absorbing message.
Used by the entertainment industry
for movies, films and performance videos to capture the original
content’s intent.


Inserting written translation of
spoken dialogue on screen, simultaneously with the audio.


TRANSLIT’s voice over services make it possible to share video and audio content to new global audiences. Bringing voice-over services at affordable prices and with quick turnaround times. We break down language barriers to give you global reach.

TRANSLIT’s mission is to help the world communicate by removing language barriers. We offer native certified translators in more than 80 languages. With our voice-over services you will be able to communicate with new audiences globally. Our expert translations by native speakers ensure your message gets across. Whether you need voice-over services for commercials, corporate videos, entertainment, interviews or presentations, we have expert translators with experience in the field. We carefully choose voices to suit your project and provide polished audio files recorded using the highest-quality recording equipment. With experience working with educational, governmental, industrial, legal, and medical clients as well as individuals. Our voice-over services are powered by experience and available to all. For global reach, find out what voice-over services can do for your business today.

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Voice-Over Services

We provide transcription services whether you need it translated or not. From pre-recorded
audio that you need transcribed, to detailed records of meetings or conferences. We
transcribe all the narrative components of film and audio to make rich translations possible.
Choose from our pool of more than 3,000 expert transcribers with knowledge in your field.

Our ISO 90001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 certified translators offer a range of solutions for all your translation needs. We take care to capture all the nuances captured by audio and film to ensure the intended atmosphere and messaging of your content is deliverable in new languages.

Our dubbing services allow you to add narration over the top of your original content.
Whether you need your dubbing to be lip-synced or want a simple voiceover we always
ensure a professional and high-level finish tailored to your business needs. Our native and
certified translators ensure your messaging is tailored to your new global audience.

We provided carefully crafted subtitling of audio and visual content. Taking care that our
translations capture the atmosphere of the original content but are expressed with cultural
sensitivity, our subtitling services ensure your messaging gets across.

Our Expertise

TRANSLIT helps businesses and individuals to communicate their messages in the right way using the right language and technology across many sectors.

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