Interpreting Services

Interpreting services

Professional Interpreting Services made easy. Powered by on-site and remote interpreters, supported by on-demand and virtual interpreting technology. TRANSLIT provides Interpretation Services in Ireland and globally. Visit

Interpreting services

Key Service Features


Conferences, webinars,
international conventions,
business and board meetings,
courtrooms, lectures and
presentations, tours, etc.


Interviews, business meetings,
training, HR meetings, court
depositions, client-attorney
meetings, medical
consultations, etc.

Phone & Video
Remote Interpreting

or via software with
SpeakUs Platform


Classic (hardware):
headphones, microphones,
booth, cables, receivers, etc.

Virtual (software):
SpeakUs Platform


We offer the latest technology in interpretation at affordable prices. Provided through our ground-breaking marketplace for interpreters we offer same-day interpretation services in- person or remotely. We help the world to communicate by breaking down language barriers. 

We offer the biggest marketplace for interpreters. Our pool of over 3,000 freelancers offer expertise in languages and technologies across multiple industries and scales. With 10 years of experience but the spirit of a start-up. TRANSLIT offers you unparalleled interpreting services to remove language barriers and help people across the world understand one another. Our ISO 90001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 certified interpreters offer multiple solutions for different interpreting needs. Whether you need simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpreting, either remotely or in person, our talented pool of interpreters have the skills and equipment you need. Interpreters in more than 80 languages. Top- quality interpretation on the day or in advance. Bookings provided directly through our online portal or mediated by our agency. TRANSLIT’s interpretation services are also available remotely via our SPEAKUS platform and App. Together, our interpretation services break down language barriers and foster global communication whenever and wherever you need.

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Interpreting Services

For real-time interpretation delivered with leading interpreting equipment. Simultaneous interpreting is the ideal service for conferences, summits, meetings. With specialist interpreters in medical, legal, governmental, educational, and industrial fields and more. TRANSLIT provides simultaneous interpreting for anyone that needs it.

Also known as follow-up interpreting. Consecutive interpreting happens only once the speaker has finished their speech at which point the speech is reproduced in the target language. This is the most common form of interpreting used for appointments, meetings, and tours. We serve educational, governmental, legal, and medical fields and more.

For interpretation services akin to a conversation, we offer liaison interpretation. Liaison interpreting takes place once a speaker has finished a sentence. Ideal for single person or small group translation, this cost-effective service removes the need for specialised equipment.

An interpreter is seated next to the individual they are meant to interpret for. Recommended for: Business meetings where only one person needs interpreting; and courtrooms where people sitting in the back do not speak the language.

Type of interpreting where written text in source language is read by interpreter in the target language. It is usually required for business needs when it is necessary to understand certain writings on a short notice, as well as in notary’s office, courtrooms, medical centres and for theory driving tests.

Sign language interpretation is a service for impaired or deaf individuals helping them to understand a spoken language by converting it into sign language.

Phone interpretation is a service where interpreters join individuals who want to speak to each other but do not share a common language via phone (usually processed in a consecutive mode). It is suitable for Hospitals, Customer Service Call Centres; Business Remote Meetings, etc.

TRANSLIT use the latest technology in interpretation services making remote translation services effective and affordable. Our purpose-built software for booking and scheduling interpretation services through our exclusive partnership with SPEAKUS makes remote interpretation accessible to all. New to the Irish market. This service can be up to 3 times as cost-efficient than classical equipment

Our Expertise

TRANSLIT helps businesses and individuals to communicate their messages in the right way using the right language and technology across many sectors.

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