Official Agent and Reseller of Thesaurus Software

Official Agent and Reseller of Thesaurus Software






TRANSLIT is an Official Agent and Reseller of Thesaurus Software.

One of the main services provided by the company is business registration and company formation. TRANSLIT specialises in helping others to start their business and helps to do it quickly by taking care of all the paperwork involved.

Registering a business with TRANSLIT is fast, easy and pleasant.

It may take some time for a start-up company to begin trading and to pay salaries to employees. For others it is quicker. As the business grows, the business owners start to look for solutions how to do their bookkeeping and payroll. Some find accountants to look after that, while others choose to do it themselves to save money on accountancy fees.
TRANSLIT can help customers with both options: providing full accountancy and bookkeeping services. Please note that TRANSLIT is a registered Tax Agent with Revenue and Company Formation Agent registered with CRO authorised to file and submit annual, monthly and other returns. Alternatively, TRANSLIT is official reseller of Thesaurus – leading Ireland Payroll and Bookkeeping Software Company.

TRANSLIT is also affiliated with Sage with one person certified in Sage Instant Accounts. This shows that TRANSLIT has a professional membership as well as certification and experience in the field of accountancy and bookkeeping. Customers are safe when trusting TRANSLIT with their finances which will ensure that CRO and Revenue compliance will be met and all tax affairs will be in order.

TRANSLIT will help you from the start up to the peak of your business. During the entire procedure it will assure the greatest accuracy. TRANSLIT will follow you step by step, so registering will never have been easier.

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