Company Closure

company closureCompany closure

Is a complicated procedure that cannot be done approximately. In TRANSLIT, we are fully competent to close your company for you, ensuring a quick and efficient intervention for our customer.

company closure can be due to many reasons such as retirement of the owner (voluntary liquidation) or bankrupt (involuntary liquidation).

The closure of the company has specific procedures.  It is not the same for a self employed, a sole trader or if the  business is incorporated as a company.

Many institutions and authorities have to be contacted and a lot of paperwork has to be done. Only one mistake or omission and your business might be considered as still existing and solvent, regardless it is still functioning or not.

To complete company closure correctly, you have to call a liquidator, who is the able person to deal with the closure (pay debts, distribute profits, basically deal with solvability). He usually take power of the direction.

TRANSLIT holds an official authorisation by the Department of Justice to work as a liquidator and our team is fully competent to take all the steps for you.


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