Book Translation

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Book Translation

Book translation requires an excellent knowledge of the source and target languages. ​​Only a person aware of the importance of keeping the original tone of the book can translate its meaning as the author intended it. In this case, you need a writer and lover of literature with experience creating original work so that storytelling and character development are accurate. Getting lost in translation is the worst thing that can happen in any literary translation.

We fully understand how important it is to employ the best translators to translate books. That’s why we provide translators specifically trained in literary translation. Want to ensure accuracy by having the editor be fluent in the target language? We will provide this as part of our service.

Translators working with Transit must have an excellent knowledge of the subject dealt within the text. Each book is culturally unique, and it is, therefore, essential that the translator fully understands the context of the culture, and changes what is necessary for a book to translate from one culture to another.

The translation must respect the original author’s style. The key to a successful literary translation lies in the balance between fidelity within the meaning of the original text and the will to create a smooth flow in the eyes of the target language reader as if the author had written the book in this language from the start. The drafting of the target text must, of course, comply with all the rules of grammar, spelling and idiomatic.

Our company can guarantee a literary translation of the highest quality. Did we get your attention? Please fill the contact form , and we will contact you at your convenience do discuss your project. No hidden fees, no obligations just a friendly call or email.


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