Looking for a translator?

TRANSLIT employs only native speakers who specialise in various fields and sectors such as legal, technical, medical, pharmaceutical and many others. Our team of professional translators can translate any type of document, text and graphics from one language to another.
TRANSLIT provides sworn, certified and plain translations.

Translation Services

Looking for an interpreter?

TRANSLIT operates a large database of professional interpreters in Ireland and can provide interpretation in various languages. TRANSLIT takes care of language barriers by providing qualified linguists and necessary audio equipment required for consecutive or simultaneous interpreting for any type of event: conference, phone, court, liaison.

Interpreting Services

Need to translate your website?

TRANSLIT team helped many businesses to localise their websites, software, product labels and promotional materials for foreign markets. It consists of translators, web developers and graphic designers working together to ensure that the localisation will meet the highest quality standards and appear natural to users.________________________

Localisation Services


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TRANSLIT offers you an easy and simple way to get a quick quote for you. Just enter the details of your text and your needs in our calculator and an instant quote will be given to you. This calculator can provide you an estimate price. For an accurate quote, do not hesitate and ask our staff using one of our email addresses or phone numbers.


Why Choosing us?


TRANSLIT already dealt with large jobs in various domains: education, medicine, private businesses, legal bodies, etc.
Our customers have been fully satisfied by the work we did with them, as you can see on the testimonials page.


TRANSLIT believes that your documents deserve special attention to meet the highest quality standards. This is why TRANSLIT always have the translations proofread twice, by two different persons, to ensure it matches our quality requirements.


All the translators and interpreters who work with TRANSLIT as well as the employees of the company itself have to sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure that no confidential data will be disclosed at any stage of the translation or interpreting process.


TRANSLIT is already six years on the market. It is a member of a number of pofessional bodies in Ireland including LImerick Chamber and IRBA. It has been the finalist for the 2014 Best Start Up in Limerick Chamber Regional Business Awards in 2014.


Over the last few years, TRANSLIT has witnessed a big change in Irish society with the arrival of people from various countries. Nowadays, over 200 languages are spoken in this country. TRANSLIT works with over 1,000 language expert covering 70 languages and constantly expanding.


TRANSLIT saves your time!We accept documents by email in various formats and send translations by post. TRANSLIT offers three options for turnaround: Standard(within three working days), Quick(the next day) and Urgent (the same day). Do not hesitate to contact us to have more details.




Wood Group Kenny






Eirtech Aviation


Chernobyl Children Trust

Cara Partners

Bar Academy


TRANSLIT has translated the whole Rules of the Road into 3 languages and designed the content layout of our course DVD

DASI - Driving School
We did some volunteer work for Chernobyl Children Project. We organised a free language class in Russian and a presentation to the members of this project and their host parents.

Chernobyl Children Project
We worked with Alex on two projects which had very tight deadlines and the projects were delivered on time. We found TRANSLIT very easy to deal with.

Lisa Herlihy - Marketing Executive, Dairy Master



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