Power of Attorney

TRANSLIT can provide Power of Attorney services  that enable a specially appointed person to take legal actions on your behalf to manage your health, property, financial and other affairs. The main purpose of the Power of Attorney is to appoint someone to make decisions, sign documents, and carry out other important acts when you are unable or unavailable.

Power of attorney

TRANSLIT will assist you from the very beginning to the very last step of the Power of Attorney process. As part of our job, we are working closely with notaries and other legal professionals in Ireland and abroad. We will help you to deal with them, accompanying you to the appointments to ease the process and taking care of administrative duty.

There are two ways of providing the text to be signed in front of notary public:

  • a client provides us with his/her own text to translate and/or adjust it to the required standards
  • we create the text ourselves taking the necessary information from the client.

The most common examples of Power of Attorney are:

  • Real estate (buy, sell, rent, or otherwise manage residential, commercial and personal real estate)
  • Family (child travel consent, court affairs, divorce, purchase gifts, health issues)
  • Managing personal documentation abroad (passport, driving licence, personal id number)
  • Business affairs (invest, trade, manage business transactions and decisions)
  • Financial matters (banking, taxes, insurance policies, donating to charities)

A power of attorney can begin immediately or go into effect at some time in the future such as if you become incapacitated and can no longer make decisions over your affairs. Please, pay attention to the fact that the person you appoint to act as yourself will be able to override or bypass any of your decisions, so please choose wisely.

In some cases, once a document has been notarised, some further formalities should be undertaken before it can be used overseas. These formalities may include consular legalisation (often referred to simply as “consularisation”) or certification by Apostille in accordance with the 1961 Hague convention abolishing legalisation. An Apostille is a certificate/stamp issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs confirming the signature and seal of the notary and this procedure is accepted in an increasing number of countries. If needed, we will facilitate in issuing the Apostille stamp on your document, so you can rest assured of the legal authenticity of your documents to be presented abroad.

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